Sunday, December 16, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Every year I make homemade goodies to give as Christmas gifts. Previously, I have made an overabundance of cookies and candies. This year I decided to scale it down a bit and leave it to two. This year it is Snickerdoodle cookies and Bailey's Irish Cream truffles. The recipes came from a cooking message board that I frequent (Thanks katie102006!). Both turned out delicious, even though the truffles aren't as pretty as I thought they would be. The boxes I found with the candy stuff at Michael's and they turned out to be the perfect size :-)


Anonymous said...

Everything looks great! Great job! Yeah, thetruffles are hard to dip. It takes afew times toget them right, but your pictureslooks amazing! Yummy!

Bridget said...

In your pictures, your truffles look really pretty!

Anonymous said...

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